With whom do you primarily work?

We usually start our work with the Senior Leader of a business or organization, but our work often includes other key leaders and teams in the organization.

Why should I engage with WLG?

We produce results that matter.  We bring wisdom and insight to your complexities.  We sharpen your leadership skills, crystallize your vision, re-energize your passion, and help you maximize your personal and professional impact.  Furthermore, we help you create and sustain a leadership intensive culture, one that is characterized by health and peak performers.  We see our role not as an outside consultant, but as a partner to help you accomplish your leadership and organizational objectives.

What is the nature of your work?

We focus on the leader more than the business of the leader, believing that as goes the leader, so goes the business.  We assess leadership skills in senior leaders and teams and help develop individual competencies and improve overall organizational impact and performance.

How do you approach the development of leaders?

We begin by assuming that the Senior Leaders who engage with us want to improve and develop their skills and those of the leaders in their organizations, not unlike top athletes who utilize a variety of coaches, trainers and sports psychologists to help them continually sharpen their skills.  See Approach for a more detailed explanation of how we work.  See our Values to better understand why we do what we do.

How long do you typically work with a leader or organization?

Retainers are usually a minimum of one year and project work is typically six months.  Leadership Roundtables meet for one year.  Because we establish trust with Senior Leaders, we tend to maintain a consistent working relationship over the years.

How does WLG differ from similar firms?

  1. We focus on application more than information.  Quantifiable results matter.  We major in developing a plan and executing that plan.  A basketball team can run up and down the court all game, but the goal is to get the ball in the net.  We help leaders win!
  2. We use an integrated approach to development.  Since life and work are interrelated, we dialogue with leaders about various aspects of life, both professional and personal.  We help our clients produce results while living lives of health and significance.
  3. We customize our services to fit the needs of every leader and organization with whom we work.  We diagnose, listen, and learn, and then match our services to what you need.  We refuse to waste time and money.   An organization can engage on several levels, i.e. Senior Leader, Teamwork, Training, Motivational Talks, Roundtables, Assessments, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning and a regular diet of Leadership Insights.